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. ARC Armored Riot Control.

From bullet proof Jeeps, and Land Rovers to the.

IAC armored BMW 750Li is a combination of the dynamic and refined BMW with the cutting edge protection only IAC can provide The BMW 750Li has a V-8 engine with TwinPower Turbo technology and 400 horsepower, making it ideal for.

Armored electric vehicle. We turn regular vehicles into extraordinary bulletproof machines. co.


Type: Refurbished Ford F800 Armored Truck Year: 1995 Engine: 5. Sedan Bulletproof BMW 750 LI. Get a quote today!.

BULLE Hard Grade 4/5/6. 88%.

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payload) Super Heavy Duty (8,000-9,000 lbs.

New listings: 2006 F250 6. 5L or 4.

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$15 500.



The 4X4 Rezvani TANK Military edition is a tactical urban vehicle sold to the civilian market. Contact us or ARMITEK, LLC (801) 885-1297 or info@armitek. .

. 3 out of 5 stars 18. 62 at a Valiant (Chrysler. . Still, the cost of the Military Edition (25% of all TANKs sold) can.

Our cash-in-transit vehicles are designed to blend in to any environment to avoid detection and prevent.

1995 Refurbished Ford F800 Armored Truck. .

0 Diesel.

Additionally, we specialize in four categories of armored vehicles: Armored Personnel Carriers (APC), Personal Protection Vehicles (PPV), Cash-in-Transit (CIT) vehicles and Military Vehicles.


It made its first appearance at the Moscow Motor Show in 2015 and since then we’ve held the car in awe because the car's body, windshield, and windows aren’t affected by small firearms and AK -47’s.

Supplying bullet proof cars, trucks CIT vehicles throughout the world.